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July 20, 2012


2″ cube of carbon(Graphite) machined with the start date of an epic journey. Jan 4th 2012 marks my departure from the North Pole to Polaris on a “Water rower:Indoorow” at the local gym.

The title of the work is “Crew” and the mission of the Crew is to row from the North pole to Polaris.

The distance from earth to Polaris is 133 parsecs away, which is 4.096*10^(15) km (4,096,000,000,000,000 km).  The error bar on that is 2 parsecs, or 6.16*10^(13) km (61,600,000,000,000 km).

Individual workouts on the rowing machine are monitored with a heart rate monitor and my HR should taper gently (waxing  cresendo and waning decresendo a niente)   “a niente”  is Italian music terminology expressing “to nothing”. and is often written as >N

Daily workouts are logged in Meters rowed. Paper becomes exhibited drawing that lays on the floor at the South wall of exhibition space, pointing North.

As I grow my Crew, additional rowers/artists will add their drawings end to end starting at my drawing. This will create a line that has a beginning but an undetermined ending.



In a cursive script, I wrote the word Polaris on a piece of paper.

I then stitched over the hand written word with a needle and thread onto my hat.

After stitching the word in a continuous line, I peeled away the paper to reveal the arrow underneath.


Crew infinity

I’ve mapped my stroke path in “Crew” with a flashlight and a long exposure.



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